The Benefits of Volunteering

The Benefits of Volunteering

Have you ever considered volunteering? There are many benefits for donating your time.

Your community needs you

Many organisations and events would not exist if it weren’t for volunteers.


Photo credit: Clean Up Day 2015 gallery: Volunteers pick up 2.5 tonnes of shire waste and scouts out in St George in record numbers

Make friends and build strong relationships

When working towards a common cause with people with common values, strong friendships and relationships are formed which can last a lifetime.

Network and create opportunities

You meet people from all walks of life when volunteering. Network with others from different backgrounds and careers and you never know what opportunities might await you.

Gain new skills and knowledge

New skills are gained when volunteering which you can add to your resume and use in your career. Knowledge of a new industry is also gained.

Career boost

Not only are you learning new skills which might be transferable to the workplace, more employers are looking for candidates who spend time in their community and not just the workplace.

Better physical and mental health

Studies have shown that those who volunteer on a regular basis have better physical and mental health due to the activities they undertake.


Photo Credit: National Volunteer Week 2016

Kids benefit

If you volunteer at your children’s school, your children ultimately benefit from your involvement.

Act on your values, passions and interests

Your job may not be a passion of yours however by volunteering, you can act on your values, passions and interests such as volunteering for the environment or a sporting event.

Feel good about yourself

By giving back to those in need for no monetary gain simply makes you feel good about yourself and puts a smile on your face.

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