Top Jobs That Let You Travel

Top Jobs That Let You Travel

Do you have a love of travel and want to explore the world whilst you work? Check out our top jobs that will allow you to combine your love of travel with your career.

  • Au Pair / Nanny: a lot of families both here in Australia and overseas hire an Au Pair or Nanny. You get to live rent free with the family in return for your childcare services.
  • Photographer: photographers travel the world capturing breathtaking moments in nature, historical moments or truly personal moments at weddings. The list is endless.


  • Teacher: teaching English to foreign students not only allows you to see the world, but it’s also rewarding watching your students develop their skills.
  • Event Coordinator: if you know how to throw a successful event, then you can travel the world planning weddings, parties, restaurant openings and events.
  • Flight attendant: touch down in Dubai one day, London the next. An international flight attendant has all the benefits of seeing the world while earning an income. Many airlines also have reciprocal arrangements.


  • Tour guide: with an outgoing personality, winning smile and a love for meeting new people, you could travel the world working with people who love travel just as much as you do!
  • Nurse: why not fill temporary roles when you travel?
  • Bartending: if you can mix a great drink, work under pressure and love the nightlife, then bartending will allow to travel to many tourist destinations around the world.
  • Hospitality: qualifications and experience within the hospitality industry can take you anywhere in the world.
  • Fitness Instructor: why not swap your local gym for an overseas resort? Many hotels look for fitness instructors from around the world to assist their guests.

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